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    Studio Territorio Ticino


    • Martino Pedrozzi, professor In 2003, Martino Pedrozzi founded and became the head of WISH, Workshop on International Social Housing, a design course of the Academy of Architecture of USI created with a view to exploring the topic of social housing and availing of strong international academic partnerships. Since 2016, he has flanked this activity centred on often distant urban, social and economic situations with a career in teaching, research and outreach on a regional scale, subsequently channelled into Studio Territorio Ticino which he set up in 2021. He is a member of the board of trustees of the Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio and is the proprietor of an architecture practice. He published: “Il lido di Ascona di Livio Vacchini, Una teoria del giunto” (Casagrande, Bellinzona, 2017); “Casualità e disegno, Edilizia residenziale e spazio pubblico a Lugano” (Casagrande, Bellinzona, 2020); “Mini Cigarillos, Due mesi nello studio di Oscar Niemeyer” (Letteraventidue, Siracusa, 2020); “Perpetuating Architecture, Martino Pedrozzi’s Interventions on the Rural Heritage in Valle di Blenio and in Val Malvaglia 1994–2017” (Park Books, Zurigo, 2020); “15 edizioni di WISH, 2003–2017” (Mendrisio Academy Press, Mendrisio, 2020); an online collection of readings: www.primavera2020.ch; “Cigarrilhas, Dois meses no escritório de Oscar Niemeyer” (Romano Guerra, São Paulo, 2022)

    • Vincenzo Tuccillo, collaborator Vincenzo Tuccillo is an architect who graduated from Bari Polytechnic in 2012. He was an academic assistant of Francisco Mangado at Milan Polytechnic and of Giacomo Guidotti, Martino Pedrozzi and Elisa Valero at the Academy of Architecture of USI. He has worked for Stefano Moor in Lugano. In 2018, he opened his own architecture practice in Como which, in 2019, won first prize in a competition to convert the former Consorzio Agrario in Bergamo.

    For certain projects, Studio Territorio Ticino avails of the external collaboration of USI professors and university researchers as too of cantonal, municipal and private bodies. This collaboration is referenced in the details of each project under Activities in the Main Menu.